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Trigono in English

Trigono aims to be the fast, innovative and flexible route to market in the Nordic countries – a proactive and value-creating business partner to its software developers, manufacturers and resellers.

The core aim of Trigono is through consultative and advisory services help software developers, manufacturers and resellers reach ambitious business targets and objectives for their sales in the Nordic countries. In doing so, Trigono puts emphasis on its core values being;

  • Knowledge in promoting the business of software developers, manufacturers and resellers.
  • Creativity from the 'Playmaker' to be applied in everything the company undertakes for its software developers, manufacturers and resellers.
  • Leverage to create maximum resource leverage for software developers, manufacturers and resellers.

The goal for Trigono is set to become the most recognized value-creating business partner to software developers, manufacturers and resellers in the Nordic countries.

Mission statement
Trigono provides and continuously develops the most effective 'springboard' instruments for representation, marketing and distribution of software products to meet specific requirements of software developers, manufacturers and resellers based on their unique needs and strategic business objectives in the Nordic countries.

Partnering with Trigono

Interested in Trigono marketing your products and driving your business in the Nordics? GREAT! We are always interested in hearing from software vendors seeking for an effective, innovative and flexible way to the Nordic markets. Trigono will show you the "road to the market" by being a business driven and Value Added Partner.

We will represent, market and distribute your products in the Nordics and we are very interested in hearing from you if you have products suitable for introduction in our markets, as well as if you are already established here. Our service concept covers market entries, market positioning and market penetration.

However, before we will agree to a partnership we need to feel that our companies have a good match and that the product(s) fits the Trigono product portfolio and the resellers we are working with. Furthermore, we of course need to see that both the product and the plan around the product are strong and with clear goals. If you have a product or a solution that you think is well suited in Trigono's value added distribution concept, please continue to read this brief explanation of the best way to start working with us. Please note: every new vendor enquiry is treated with confidentiality.

1. Send us an e-mail: Please provide us with an outline about your product(s) and your expectations on your coming distribution partner. Also, we would appreciate a brief description of your expectations for the Nordic marketplace and any other information about your product or your company that you think is important for us to know.

2. We will respond with a first feedback: If we see a fit between our companies and the product(s) and our market strategy. The next step is a conference call to further discuss the opportunities.

3. Please send us samples of the product for evaluation by our product team. We would appreciate the whole product, as it will be shipped to the end user, including packaging, disks, manuals etc.

4. We will ask for a meeting with you to discuss the partnership in detail. We evaluate the opportunity using the following factors:

– End user market size: How big is the market potential for the product? How big might it already be?
– Channel structure: Is the product already distributed? Would Trigono be the sole business partner handling the channel in the Nordics? Is the channel ready for such a product?
– Competition: Who is the main competitor (globally and/or in Scandinavia)? How many similar products are available? Trigono have no problem with establishing competition in the market, but our objective is to be able to deliver "best of breed" products.
– Marketing services: To what extent are you prepared to promote your product? This can be either by funding marketing projects that our marketing team carries out for you or by other marketing activities. A strong mix of marketing activities are important factors in the success of a product in the Nordics.
– Technical and presale support: We need to understand your ability and willingness to support our technical support, purchasing, product management and sales teams with training and tools.
– Your product: We will evaluate your product by focusing on installation, look & feel, documentation, possible localizations (or planned) and of course if it lives up to what you are promising. Are there any unique features?
– Contract: We will discuss terms and conditions both from a business and legal perspective to make sure that we have mutual perception of a possible partnership.

5. Final decision: We will have a final discussion in our management team to make sure that we see good mutual possibilities in the partnership. Furthermore we need to secure that we have enough resources to take care of you and not make you disappointed. This is also crucial to us.

6. We will suggest a marketing activity plan to you: This will explain what kind of efforts Trigono think are necessary, including a plan for how to create reseller and end-user demand.

7. We will set-up a conclusion meeting: If everything above is positive we will sign the contract together and ask you to perform a first sales training session for our marketing and sales team.

8. Initial order: You will be asked to deliver your pricelist to us in the format of our request. When that is implemented in our systems we will place the initial order for our warehouse and/or discuss processes around electronic licenses.

9. Congratulations!– We're in business! Let's start doing the fun part – SELLING!

How to become a business partner with Trigono?

Please contact our sales department
Phone: +46 46 276 50 00
E-mail: sales@trigono.se