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noblechairs HERO - SK Gaming edition

The HERO SK Gaming Edition is built in close collaboration with the professional gamers at SK gaming.


Using the feedback and knowledge of champion players, noblechairs has built a feature rich and quality addition to their EPIC and ICON Series. Including integrated adjustable lumbar support and a larger size to support any users during their play sessions, the HERO SK Edition is perfect for fans of the team, or even just those who want an advantage over the competition.

Providing ergonomic support is of the utmost importance for those that are using our chairs for extended periods. That's why the HERO has a modern shape that conforms to the natural curvature of the spine, ensuring an upright sitting posture. This is complemented by an interior of dense cold foam, providing substantial cushioning in all the right places, and comfortable memory foam in the headrest.
You can expect the same attention to detail, level of quality and adjustability found in other noblechairs products; each component is carefully selected in order to provide durability, comfort and style in equal measure. The HERO SK Edition is clad in the team colors of world famous brand, completing the look. That's why pro gamers around the world pick our products.

Integrated Adjustable Lumbar Support

In response to customer feedback, this model features brand new integrated lumbar support. This feature, only usually found in high-end cars, allows you to quickly adjust the lumbar support in the chair via the use of a knob and offering hassle-free comfort.
● Removes the need for separate cushions
● Easy and efficient customization
● Superior comfort

Large Backrest & Seat Base

The HERO is the largest in the noblechairs line yet, possessing new armrests, a wider seat base and a taller backrest. Merging these qualities with large amounts of padding and memory foam on the headrest creates an experience that makes any user feel right at home.
● Bigger armrests that fit with the overall size of the chair
● Wider seat base for larger users
● Larger backrest with bulkier shape

Elegant Aesthetics

Designed as a lifestyle choice rather than a simple chair, this model features SK Gaming branding, intricate stitching and a sleek look.
● Subtle design that stands out through quality
● Intricate diamond pattern stitching on backrest and seat base
● Debossed noblechairs crown on the headrest
● Aluminium noblechairs logo and stylish air channel on backrest

Fully Ergonomic Design

Built in collaboration with esports pro players for the utmost support during extended play sessions, the chair's backrest naturally conforms to the shape of the spine, providing comfort and easing pressure.
● Headrest contains memory foam to fit each individual uniquely
● Chair's shape supports the natural form of the back
● Features including adjustable lumbar support and tilt mechanism

High Quality Materials

The inner workings of the HERO has been constantly iterated upon, making use of
top class materials to provide comfort and reliability.
● Sturdy steel frame
● Thick cold foam core for extra body support
● Possesses the DIN EN 1335 Office Chair Certification
● Free branded head and lumbar velour pillows with every purchase