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New MindManager Mac 13

MindManager for Mac 13 Simplifies Complex Information for Better Projects and Results


MindManager® simplifies the way you process and manage
information, by turning scattered ideas and data into clear
visual maps that are easy to build, organize, evolve and share.
Every day, millions of people in thousands of global organizations
use MindManager to more effectively think, plan, communicate,
collaborate and get things done across their most
business-critical tasks.

The information surrounding your work is complex. Managing it
doesn't have to be. Capture, organize, manage, and share
information more easily, elegantly, and efficiently with the
industry-leading mind mapping and visual work management
software that simplifies complexity, stimulates creativity, and
inspires action. MindManager helps transform thoughts and knowledge into dynamic visual maps, diagrams, flowcharts, matrices, and more.
Connect everything that matters to your work all in one place, so
you can think more clearly, make better decisions, and get to
where you want to be.

Work faster, better, and connected with MindManager

  • NEW! Take total control over your project workflow with
Gantt charts, project costing, and more
  • NEW! Keep your projects on track, identify bottlenecks, and see
the status of tasks in Tag View
  • NEW! Capture content from anywhere and add it to your queue
for later with MindManger Snap
  • NEW! Take your maps places your Mac can't go with
MindManager Go for mobile
  • NEW! Extend your desktop with Sidecar, sync with iCloud,
and do more with tools built for Mac
  • NEW! Make your diagrams richer and more engaging with
image thumbnails
  • NEW! Better manage and make sense of complex maps with
powerful sorting capabilities
  • Bring greater clarity to complex processes with ENHANCED
flowcharting tools
  • Manage your diagrams more effectively with ENHANCED
shapes and SmartShapes
  • Organize and update topics fast & intuitively with ENHANCED
drag & drop functionality
  • Add instant beauty, personality and impact to your content
with 40+ customizable themes