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HG-Computers - Osmi 3.1

The OSMI Rev 3.1 from HG-Computers is a Mini-ITX case with a unique angular design. With outstanding build quality, thanks to its aluminium exterior, the OSMI Rev 3.1 is a great choice for anyone looking for something different.


Recent years have seen Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs become increasingly popular. Obviously they are desirable due to their relatively small footprint, which means they are suitable for a range of home and office environments, but often they also have more stylish and unique designs compared to mid-tower and larger cases. Also enthusiasts appreciate the challenge of fitting the prefect system in such a small box and even modifying them.

With its sleek design and solid aluminium construction the OSMI mini-ITX case is unique even among SFF cases. It has an almost console-like look, which is mainly due to its greater height vs length and width. This distinct cuboidal shape is complemented by an impressive thin aluminium construction that has been powdercoated. As a result it fits in just as well in the living room as a dedicated gaming space or office.


  • Dimensions: 180*180*265mm (L*W*H)

  • Volume: 8.6l

  • Material: Aluminium

  • Material Thickness: 1.5 - 4mm

  • Weight: 1.88kg

  • Colour:Matte Black & White

  • Motherboard compatibility: ITX

  • System fans: 1*140mm

  • Storage: 2* 2.5 & Prime; HDD/SSD

  • Maximum CPU cooler height: 70mm

  • Maximum graphics card height: 42mm

  • Maximum graphics card length: 170mm

  • Maximum graphics card width: 140mm

  • Maximum memory module height: 75mm

  • Maximum PSU length: 100mm