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FineReader 15 - The smarter PDF solution!

The smarter PDF tool powered by extraordinary OCR


The new ABBYY® FineReader® 15 is here! It enables information workers to easily and efficiently work with various types of documents.
· Edit and organize PDFs: Edit and update PDF documents (whether created digitally or converted from
paper) without additional conversion steps.
· Collaborate on and approve PDFs: Use commenting and mark-up tools to facilitate successful
· Protect and sign PDFs: Secure documents by utilizing digital signatures, redacting sensitive
information, removing hidden data (i.e., metadata), and controlling access with passwords.
· Create and convert PDFs: Make paper documents accessible by converting them into searchable
PDFs or convert PDF documents into editable formats like Microsoft® Office.
· Digitize documents and scans with OCR: Integrate paper documents into the digital workspace for
storage and retrieval, or to reuse and edit.
· Automate digitization and conversion routines (FineReader 15 Corporate ONLY): Streamline
repetitive conversion tasks or the conversion of multiple documents into searchable and editable
· Compare documents in different formats (FineReader 15 Corporate ONLY): Identify changes
between two versions of a document quickly and reliably