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Claris Connect - Now released!

Integrate and automate all critical applications whether they live on the cloud, on-premise, and even on-device.


Bring together your everyday apps to create automated workflows. Quickly integrate popular apps such as QuickBooks, Mailchimp, DocuSign, Box, Slack, Dropbox, and much more. Claris Connect offers the best way to connect critical cloud applications with the real, physical world of devices, servers and sensors.

Connectivity — Integration made easy.

  • A cloud-based service that supports both on-premise and cloud-based apps.

  • Purpose built to connect seamlessly with any Claris FileMaker custom app.

  • One platform with thousands of uses.

Productivity — Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Use ready-made templates to instantly manage business processes.

  • Build workflows that connect data from all of your core business apps.

  • Automate email approvals and schedule routine tasks.

Visibility — Action siloed data.
  • Easily collaborate and share information across functional silos.

  • Get KPIs from multiple apps in real time to make informed decisions.

  • Digitize and connect manual processes for instant visibility into your business.