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Endgame Gear

Endgame Gear XM1


Artikelnummer: 377357
Tillv. artnr: XM1
EANkod: 4251442502737
Tullnr: 84716070
Storlek (B x L x H): 185 x 50 x 125 mm
630 kr

The world's fastest gaming mouse is here!

Endgame Gear develops world-class gaming equipment engineered in Germany that helps players to fully realize their potential. Gear up now with Endgame Gear!

Recommended by esports Veterans:

"We at Endgame Gear are passionate about gaming and want to enable all players
to take it to the next level by creating the optimal gaming instruments they
need. We believe that remarkable gaming achievements are possible through subtle
advancements in technology and innovative features in the right places. The
proper gear can turn defeat into victory in any gamer's career and small changes
can yield fundamental results. So why let sub-par technology stand in your way?
Endgame Gear makes sure that every gamer's dreams may come to fruition."

Endgame Gear XM1