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Nitro Concepts S300 - CAMO

The Nitro Concepts S300 Urban Camo Gaming Chair puts gamers in the driving seat thanks to the...


The Nitro Concepts S300 Urban Camo Gaming Chair puts gamers in the driving seat thanks to the racing-inspired design. This time however, that digital camouflage skin you just unlocked now extends to your new gaming chair to result in an authentic high-tech military aesthetic.

This chair's unusual design was partially inspired by gamers utilising camouflage patterns to customise their characters and loadouts in popular FPS games. The sum of Nitro Concepts' efforts is a gaming chair that sports an iconic look that combines digital- and urban camouflage.

Since the start of the millennium, computer generated digital camo patterns have been used by armies across the world to enable improved concealment on the urban battlefield. This is possible due to the ability of these patterns to create a kind of fractal distortion at a distance, a phenomenon that gives objects the appearance of being farther away than they are in reality. Urban camouflage specifically focuses on the colour palettes commonly found in urban combat environments. For most western forces this means different shades of green and grey.

The Nitro Concepts S300 Urban Camo Gaming Chair mixes these iconic colour-schemes with a sturdy, tank-like foundation with an upholstery comfortable enough for prolonged gaming sessions.

The Nitro Concepts S300 Urban Camo Gaming Chair at a Glance:

- High-Quality fabric cover with digital Urban Camo colour pattern.
- Comfortable & breathable cold foam upholstery.
- Superior durability due to augmented material strength.
- Individually adjustable ergonomics.
- Adjustable 3D armrests.
- Customisable backrest and rocking mechanism.
- Quiet 50 mm castors for a variety of floor types.
- Two comfortable cushions bundled in.
- Designed for users up to 135 kg.

Intense Digital Camo Pattern.

The Nitro Concepts S300 Gaming Chair sets itself apart with its new unique combination of vibrant colour designs. Combined with premium materials, gamers won't just be able to exercise their powers of creativity, they can also expect a wide range of adjustability options as well as optimum ergonomics. The Urban Camo variant is coated in a durable cover which is soft, high-end and extremely breathable. In combination with the porous cold foam upholstery the S300 gaming chair offers the S300 gaming chair a pleasant seated experience on warmer days.

A Stable Foundation for Impressively Vibrant Gaming Chairs.
To ensure that the superb design of the S300 series can be enjoyed over the long term, first-class upholstery is used atop an extremely stable steel frame. The high quality materials of this comfy gaming chair ensure that no one has to put up with squeaking and creaking or rapid wear and tear. The combination of outstanding German engineering with high-precision mechanical manufacturing ensures a flawless and extremely durable construction.

The Nitro Concepts S300 gaming chairs do not just offer impressive highlights, however. The embroidered flame of the Nitro Concepts logo in the headrest lends the S300 series that certain je ne sais quoi to make it unique. Furthermore the chair's base also comes with matching colours thanks to the plastic decorative strips.

High Comfort Through Premium Upholstery

The S300 series represents an advancement on the previous Nitro Concepts chairs. The new gaming chairs are fundamentally more open in design terms and offer a marked increase in terms of surface contact area, allowing the ergonomics to undergo a dramatic improvement. Even the seat as well as the backrest have been optimised. With a 56 cm wide backrest and a 57 cm wide seat area, sitting on the S300 gaming chair is sure to be comfortable.

The porous, deformation resistant cold foam serves as upholstery and can boast of superior durability thanks to its thickness, which has been optimised to meet the demands of gamers. As a result it is not only breathable, but also capable of maintaining its form over the long term. The distinctive shell design also maintains the unmistakable look of a racing seat.

Unique & Improved Adjustability Options.

If you've had the pleasure of sitting on the Nitro Concepts S300 gaming chair, you'll be reluctant to get up again. The fresh, vibrant design combined with numerous ergonomic adjustment options only adds to the effect. The chair is equipped with a robust and durable Class 4 gas lift allowing a 13 cm adjustment from 48 to 61 cm in height. The integrated rocking mechanism enables you to lean back to 14 degrees. Furthermore the S300 series offers an adjustable backrest as well as flexible 3D armrests. With such an extensive range of ergonomic options you are guaranteed to enjoy the perfect posture!

The Perfect Position for Every User.

Nitro Concepts has used 3D armrests to set new standards in comfort. Due to their superb flexibility they are ideal for the sport-orientated approach of gaming chairs. They can be adjusted comfortably in three dimensions and they allow any user to make them their own.

Those who like to recline while gaming not only have the option of using the rocking mechanism, but also adjusting the backrest itself. With an angle ranging from 90 to 135 degrees you can both sit back and relax during play or take a short nap during a lengthy load screen. Appropriately enough Nitro Concepts also offer two comfortable and ergonomic supporting cushions for the neck and lumbar regions.

Designed for Hard and Soft Flooring.

A durable nylon base serves as the foundation of the S300 Series. Its five arms are highlighted by the addition of coloured accents and equipped with quiet castors. The 50 mm castors are made from a hard nylon core with a soft polyurethane covering. This means they not only run quietly over flooring, they do so both on hard as well as soft floors. The gaming chair is equipped with a stable base and the hydraulic lift is rated Safety Class 4 supporting loads up to 135 kg.